BOSS BABE Marie-Victoria

The hula and the exotic movements of the tropical Polynesian islands are mesmerizing.   Enjoy learning how to move like the elements and truly connecting with you feminine energy!  Connect to the drums and bring an exotic twist to your rhythm!


Classes combine hula, Tahitian and styles from the French Polynesian islands in a fun workout and choreography learned over a series of 6 weeks.

A holistic approach to your wellness:  We start each class with empowering positive mindset, tips on nutrition.  We end each class with a delicious post-workout smoothie because BOSS BABES never go hungry after a workout!

We work on total body and toning through dance cardio, a creative way to express, get fit and step into a better version of you!

EACH AND EVERY CLASS we give you the ultimate hour of self-love:

  • positive affirmations
  • nutrition tips
  • dance fitness with resistance bands
  • post workout smoothie after EVERY class

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